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Hi, my name is Parag, and I live in the Philly suburbs of Pennsylvania.

Let me give a short history of how this site came about. I had the pleasure of having Mr. Sally ( as a calculus professor. This influenced my decision to study math in college; I majored in math at Fairmont State University. After graduating, I was faced with a decision to continue studying math at the graduate level or alter my course. I wasn't finding the career opportunities I was hoping for, so I switched over to statistics at West Virginia University where I completed a master of science in statistics. As a hobby, I picked up computer programming in the summer of 2007. My first domain was purchased and hosted at Yahoo. I was then at Pair Networks for awhile until finally switching over to AWS in 2012. I now work as a freelance Drupal programmer, but still love statistics. Picostat is my quest to combine the two.

One of my finest work was done for the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society who I am still contracted with. I created a geographic mapping application that displayed record locations at various places of interest on the New York state map. The records were articles relating to New York family history that users could search and pinpoint the location of. The site was created with Drupal and relied heavily on such modules as taxonomy, gmap, views, and many others. The society was kind of to mention my name on the application homepage found here: