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On this R-data statistics page, you will find information about the Fingers data set which pertains to Fingers. The Fingers data set is found in the Stat2Data R package. You can load the Fingers data set in R by issuing the following command at the console data("Fingers"). This will load the data into a variable called Fingers. If R says the Fingers data set is not found, you can try installing the package by issuing this command install.packages("Stat2Data") and then attempt to reload the data. If you need to download R, you can go to the R project website. You can download a CSV (comma separated values) version of the Fingers R data set. The size of this file is about 262 bytes.





A dataset with 12 observations on the following 3 variables.

R project statistics dataset table
Subject I, II, III, or IV
Drug Caffeine, Placebo, or Theobromine
TapRate Finger taps in a fixed time interval


Scientists Scott and Chen, published research that compared the effects of caffeine with those of theobromine (a similar chemical found in chocolate) and with those of a placebo. Their experiment used four human subjects, and took place over several days. Each day each subject swallowed a tablet containing one of caffeine, theobromine, or the placebo. Two hours later they were timed while tapping a finger in a specified manner (that they had practiced earlier, to control for learning effects). The response is the number of taps in a fixed time interval


The data was found in Statistics in Biology, Vol. 1, by C. I. Bliss (1967), New York: McGraw Hill.


1The original article is "Comparison of the action of 1-ethyl theobromine and caffeine in animals and man," by C. C. Scott and K. K. Chen, Journal of Pharmacological Experimental Therapy, v. 82 (1944), pp 89-97.


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