Growth of Orange Trees

The Orange data frame has 35 rows and 3 columns of records of the growth of orange trees.




An object of class c("nfnGroupedData", "nfGroupedData", "groupedData", "data.frame") containing the following columns:


an ordered factor indicating the tree on which the measurement is made. The ordering is according to increasing maximum diameter.


a numeric vector giving the age of the tree (days since 1968/12/31)


a numeric vector of trunk circumferences (mm). This is probably “circumference at breast height”, a standard measurement in forestry.


This dataset was originally part of package nlme, and that has methods (including for [,, plot and print) for its grouped-data classes.


Draper, N. R. and Smith, H. (1998), Applied Regression Analysis (3rd ed), Wiley (exercise 24.N).

Pinheiro, J. C. and Bates, D. M. (2000) Mixed-effects Models in S and S-PLUS, Springer.


require(stats); require(graphics)
coplot(circumference ~ age | Tree, data = Orange, show.given = FALSE)
fm1 <- nls(circumference ~ SSlogis(age, Asym, xmid, scal),
           data = Orange, subset = Tree == 3)
plot(circumference ~ age, data = Orange, subset = Tree == 3,
     xlab = "Tree age (days since 1968/12/31)",
     ylab = "Tree circumference (mm)", las = 1,
     main = "Orange tree data and fitted model (Tree 3 only)")
age <- seq(0, 1600, length.out = 101)
lines(age, predict(fm1, list(age = age)))
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