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These times represent times between gondolas at Sterling Winery. The maintake-away: there are 7 cars, as evidenced by the somewhat regular increasesin splits between every 7 cars. The reason the times are slightlynon-constant is that the gondolas come off the tracks, so times will changea little between each period.


  • obs_number - The observation number, e.g. observation 3 was immediately preceded by observation 2.
  • time_until_next - Time until this gondola car arrived since the last car had left.


In-person data collection by David Diez (OpenIntro) on July 4th,2013.


Important context: there was a sufficient line that people were leaving thewinery.So why is this data valuable? It indicates that the winery should add onemore car since it has a lot of time wasted every 7th car. By adding anothercar, fewer visitors are likely to be turned away, resulting in increasedrevenue.

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