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Airports located in all regions with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)oversight.


  • effective_date - Information effective date. This datecoincides with the 56-day charting and publication cycle date.
  • state - Associated state post office code standard two letterabbreviation for U.S. states and territories. (ex. IL, PR, CQ)
  • region - FAA region code. (AAL - Alaska, ACE - Central, AEA - Eastern,AGL - Great Lakes, ANE - New England, ANM - Northwest Mountain,ASO - Southern, ASW - Southwest, AWP - Western-Pacific)
  • ado - FAA district or field office code. (ex. CHI)
  • city - Associated city name. (ex. Chicago)
  • county - Associated county (or parish) name. (ex. Cook)
  • facility_name - Official facility name. (ex. Chicago O'Hare Intl)
  • ownership - Airport ownership type. (PU - Publicly owned,PR - Privately owned, MA - Air Force owned, MN - Navy owned,MR - Army owned, CG - Coast Guard owned)
  • use - Facility use. (PU - open to the public, PR - private)
  • location_id - Location identifier unique 3-4 character alphanumericidentifier assigned to the landing facility. (ex. 'ORD' for Chicago O'Hare)
  • site_number - Landing facility site number - a unique identifying numberwhich, together with the landing facility type code, forms the key to theairport record. (ex. 04508.*A)
  • arp_latitude - Airport reference point latitude (formatted)
  • arp_longitude - Airport reference point longitude (formatted)
  • cert_type_date - Airport certification type and date. Format is theclass code ('I', 'II', 'III' or 'IV') followed by a one characthercode A, B, C, D, E, or L, followed by a one character code S or U,followed by the month and year of certification. (ex. 'I A S 07/1980','I C S 01/1983' or 'I A U 09/1983'). Codes A, B, C, D, and E are forairports having a full certificate under CFR Part 139, and receivingscheduled air carrier service from carriers certificated by the CivilAeronautics Board. The A, B, C, D, and E identify the aircraft rescueand firefighting index for the airport. Code L is for airports havinglimited certification under CFR Part 139. Code S is for Airports receivingscheduled air carrier service from carriers certificated by the CivilAeronautics Board. Code U is for airports not receiving this scheduledservice.


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