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This data set contains teacher salaries from 2009-2010 for 71 teachersemployed by the St. Louis Public School in Michigan, as well as severalcovariates.


  • id - Identification code for each teacher, assigned randomly.
  • degree - Highest educational degree attained:BA (bachelor's degree) or MA (master's degree).
  • fte - Full-time enrollement status: full-time 1 orpart-time 0.5.
  • years - Number of years employed by the school district.
  • base - Base annual salary, in dollars.
  • fica - Amount paid into Social Security and Medicare per yearthrough the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), in dollars.
  • retirement - Amount paid into the retirement fund of theteacher per year, in dollars.
  • total - Total annual salary of the teacher, resulting from thesum of base salary + fica + retirement, in dollars.


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