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Data representing possums in Australia and New Guinea. This is a copy of thedata set by the same name in the DAAG package, however, the data setincluded here includes fewer variables.


  • site - The site number where the possum was trapped.
  • pop - Population, either Vic (Victoria) or other (New South Wales or Queensland).
  • sex - Gender, either m (male) or f (female).
  • age - Age.
  • head_l - Head length, in mm.
  • skull_w - Skull width, in mm.
  • total_l - Total length, in cm.
  • tail_l - Tail length, in cm.


Lindenmayer, D. B., Viggers, K. L., Cunningham, R. B., and Donnelly,C. F. 1995. Morphological variation among columns of the mountain brushtailpossum, Trichosurus caninus Ogilby (Phalangeridae: Marsupiala). AustralianJournal of Zoology 43: 449-458.

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