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This data set contains observations on all 100 US Senators and 434 of the325 US Congressional Representatives related to their support of anti-piracylegislation that was introduced at the end of 2011.


  • name - Name of legislator.
  • party - Party affiliation as democrat (D), Republican(R), or Independent (I).
  • state - Two letter state abbreviation.
  • money_pro - Amount of money in dollars contributed to thelegislator's campaign in 2010 by groups generally thoughtto be supportive of PIPA/SOPA: movie and TV studios, record labels.
  • money_con - Amount of money in dollars contributed to thelegislator's campaign in 2010 by groups generally thought to be opposed toPIPA/SOPA: computer and internet companies.
  • years - Number of years of service in Congress.
  • stance - Degree of support for PIPA/SOPA with levelsLeaning No, No, Undecided, Unknown, Yes
  • chamber - Whether the legislator is a member of either thehouse or senate.

Source list may be slightly out of date since many politician's perspectives onthe legislation were in flux at the time of data collection.


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act(PIPA) were two bills introduced in the US House of Representatives and theUS Senate, respectively, to curtail copyright infringement. The bill wascontroversial because there were concerns the bill limited free speechrights. ProPublica, the independent and non-profit news organization,compiled this data set to compare the stance of legislators towards thebills with the amount of campaign funds that they received from groupsconsidered to be supportive of or in opposition to the legislation.For more background on the legislation and the formulation ofmoney_pro and money_con, read the documentation on ProPublica,linked below.

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