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Auction data from Ebay for the game Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii. Thisdata was collected in early October, 2009.


  • id - Auction ID assigned by Ebay.
  • duration - Auction length, in days.
  • n_bids - Number of bids.
  • cond - Game condition, either new or used.
  • start_pr - Start price of the auction.
  • ship_pr - Shipping price.
  • total_pr - Total price, which equals the auction price plus the shipping price.
  • ship_sp - Shipping speed or method.
  • seller_rate - The seller's rating on Ebay. This is the number of positive ratings minus the number of negative ratings for the seller.
  • stock_photo - Whether the auction feature photo was a stock photo or not. If the picture was used in many auctions, then it was called a stock photo.
  • wheels - Number of Wii wheels included in the auction. These are steering wheel attachments to make it seem as though you are actually driving in the game. When used with the controller, turning the wheel actually causes the character on screen to turn.
  • title - The title of the auctions.



There are several interesting features in the data. First off, note thatthere are two outliers in the data. These serve as a nice example of whatone should do when encountering an outlier: examine the data point andremove it only if there is a good reason. In these two cases, we can seefrom the auction titles that they included other items in their auctionsbesides the game, which justifies removing them from the data set.This data set includes all auctions for a full week in October, 2009.Auctions were included in the data set if they satisfied a number ofconditions. (1) They were included in a search for "wii mario kart", (2) items were in the Video Games > Games > Nintendo Wii sectionof Ebay, (3) the listing was an auction and not exclusively a "Buy it Now"listing (sellers sometimes offer an optional higher price for a buyer to endbidding and win the auction immediately, which is an \emph{optional

Buy itNow auction), (4) the item listed was the actual game, (5) the item wasbeing sold from the US, (6) the item had at least one bidder, (7) there wereno other items included in the auction with the exception of racing wheels,either generic or brand-name being acceptable, and (8) the auction did notend with a Buy It Now option.}

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