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This study investigated whether finding a coin influenced a person'slikelihood of mailing a sealed but addressed letter that appeared to havebeen accidentally left in a conspicuous place. Several variables werecollected during the experiment, including two randomized variables ofwhether there was a coin to be found and whether the letter already had astamp on it.


  • stamped - a factor with levels no yes
  • found_coin - a factor with levels coin no_coin
  • gender - a factor with levels female male
  • mailed_letter - a factor with levels no yes


Levin PF, Isen AM. 1975. Studies on the Effect of Feeling Good onHelping. Sociometry 31(1), p141-147.


The precise context was in a phone booth (this study is from the 1970s!),where a person who entered a phone booth would find a dime in the phonetray, which would be sufficient to pay for their phone call. There was alsoa letter next to the phone, which sometimes had a stamp on it.

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