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This data set represents thousands of loans made through the Lending Clubplatform, which is a platform that allows individuals to lend to otherindividuals. Of course, not all loans are created equal. Someone who is aessentially a sure bet to pay back a loan will have an easier time getting aloan with a low interest rate than someone who appears to be riskier. Andfor people who are very risky? They may not even get a loan offer, or theymay not have accepted the loan offer due to a high interest rate. It isimportant to keep that last part in mind, since this data set onlyrepresents loans actually made, i.e. do not mistake this data for loanapplications!


  • emp_title - Job title.
  • emp_length - Number of years in the job, rounded down. If longer than 10 years, then this is represented by the value 10.
  • state - Two-letter state code.
  • home_ownership - The ownership status of the applicant's residence.
  • annual_income - Annual income.
  • verified_income - Type of verification of the applicant's income.
  • debt_to_income - Debt-to-income ratio.
  • annual_income_joint - If this is a joint application, then the annual income of the two parties applying.
  • verification_income_joint - Type of verification of the joint income.
  • debt_to_income_joint - Debt-to-income ratio for the two parties.
  • delinq_2y - Delinquencies on lines of credit in the last 2 years.
  • months_since_last_delinq - Months since the last delinquency.
  • earliest_credit_line - Year of the applicant's earliest line of credit
  • inquiries_last_12m - Inquiries into the applicant's credit during the last 12 months.
  • total_credit_lines - Total number of credit lines in this applicant's credit history.
  • open_credit_lines - Number of currently open lines of credit.
  • total_credit_limit - Total available credit, e.g. if only credit cards, then the total of all the credit limits. This excludes a mortgage.
  • total_credit_utilized - Total credit balance, excluding a mortgage.
  • num_collections_last_12m - Number of collections in the last 12 months. This excludes medical collections.
  • num_historical_failed_to_pay - The number of derogatory public records, which roughly means the number of times the applicant failed to pay.
  • months_since_90d_late - Months since the last time the applicant was 90 days late on a payment.
  • current_accounts_delinq - Number of accounts where the applicant is currently delinquent.
  • total_collection_amount_ever - The total amount that the applicant has had against them in collections.
  • current_installment_accounts - Number of installment accounts, which are (roughly) accounts with a fixed payment amount and period. A typical example might be a 36-month car loan.
  • accounts_opened_24m - Number of new lines of credit opened in the last 24 months.
  • months_since_last_credit_inquiry - Number of months since the last credit inquiry on this applicant.
  • num_satisfactory_accounts - Number of satisfactory accounts.
  • num_accounts_120d_past_due - Number of current accounts that are 120 days past due.
  • num_accounts_30d_past_due - Number of current accounts that are 30 days past due.
  • num_active_debit_accounts - Number of currently active bank cards.
  • total_debit_limit - Total of all bank card limits.
  • num_total_cc_accounts - Total number of credit card accounts in the applicant's history.
  • num_open_cc_accounts - Total number of currently open credit card accounts.
  • num_cc_carrying_balance - Number of credit cards that are carrying a balance.
  • num_mort_accounts - Number of mortgage accounts.
  • account_never_delinq_percent - Percent of all lines of credit where the applicant was never delinquent.
  • tax_liens - a numeric vector
  • public_record_bankrupt - Number of bankruptcies listed in the public record for this applicant.
  • loan_purpose - The category for the purpose of the loan.
  • application_type - The type of application: either individual or joint.
  • loan_amount - The amount of the loan the applicant received.
  • term - The number of months of the loan the applicant received.
  • interest_rate - Interest rate of the loan the applicant received.
  • installment - Monthly payment for the loan the applicant received.
  • grade - Grade associated with the loan.
  • sub_grade - Detailed grade associated with the loan.
  • issue_month - Month the loan was issued.
  • loan_status - Status of the loan.
  • initial_listing_status - Initial listing status of the loan. (I think this has to do with whether the lender provided the entire loan or if the loan is across multiple lenders.)
  • disbursement_method - Dispersement method of the loan.
  • balance - Current balance on the loan.
  • paid_total - Total that has been paid on the loan by the applicant.
  • paid_principal - The difference between the original loan amount and the current balance on the loan.
  • paid_interest - The amount of interest paid so far by the applicant.
  • paid_late_fees - Late fees paid by the applicant.


This data comes from Lending Club(, whichprovides a very large, open set of data on the people who received loansthrough their platform.

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