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Two hundred observations were randomly sampled from the High School andBeyond survey, a survey conducted on high school seniors by the NationalCenter of Education Statistics.


  • id - Student ID.
  • gender - Student's gender, with levelsfemale and male.
  • race - Student's race, with levelsafrican american, asian, hispanic, and white.
  • ses - Socio economic status of student's family, with levelslow, middle, and high.
  • schtyp - Type of school,with levels public and private.
  • prog - Type of program,with levels general, academic, and vocational.
  • read - Standardized reading score.
  • write - Standardized writingscore.
  • math - Standardized math score.
  • science - Standardizedscience score.
  • socst - Standardized social studies score.


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