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This data set addresses issues of how superstitions regarding Friday the13th affect human behavior, and whether Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.Scanlon, et al. collected data on traffic and shopping patterns and accidentfrequency for Fridays the 6th and 13th between October of 1989 and Novemberof 1992.


  • type - Type of observation, traffic, shopping, or accident.
  • date - Year and month of observation.
  • sixth - Counts on the 6th of the month.
  • thirteenth - Counts on the 13th of the month.
  • diff - Difference between the sixth and the thirteenth.
  • location - Location where data is collected.


Scanlon, T.J., Luben, R.N., Scanlon, F.L., Singleton, N. (1993), "IsFriday the 13th Bad For Your Health?," BMJ, 307, 1584-1586.


There are three types of observations: traffic, shopping, and accident. Fortraffic, the researchers obtained information from the British Department ofTransport regarding the traffic flows between junctions 7 to 8 and junctions9 to 10 of the M25 motorway. For shopping, they collected the numbers ofshoppers in nine different supermarkets in southeast England. For accidents,they collected numbers of emergency admissions to hospitals due to transportaccidents.

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