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Three treatments were compared to test their relative efficacy(effectiveness) in treating Type 2 Diabetes in patients aged 10-17 who werebeing treated with metformin. The primary outcome was lack of glycemiccontrol (or not); lacking glycemic control means the patient still neededinsulin, which is not the preferred outcome for a patient.


  • treatment - The treatment the patient received.
  • outcome - Whether there patient still needs insulin (failure) or met a basic positive outcome bar (success).


Zeitler P, et al. 2012. A Clinical Trial to Maintain GlycemicControl in Youth with Type 2 Diabetes. N Engl J Med.


Each of the 699 patients in the experiment were randomized to one of thefollowing treatments: (1) continued treatment with metformin(coded as met), (2) formin combined with rosiglitazone (coded asrosi), or or (3) a lifestyle-intervention program (coded aslifestyle).

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