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Something is wrong with this data set. In this experiment, each individual was asked to be a seller of an iPod (aproduct commonly used to store music on before smart phones...). Theyparticipant received $10 + 5\iPod they were selling had frozen twice in the past inexplicably butotherwise worked fine. The prospective buyer starts off and then asks one ofthree final questions, depending on the seller's treatment group.


  • question_class - The type of question: `general`, `pos_assumption`, and `neg_assumption`.
  • question - The question corresponding to the `question.class`
  • response - The classified response from the seller, either `disclose` or `hide`.


Minson JA, Ruedy NE, Schweitzer ME. There *is* such a thing asa stupid question: Question disclosure in strategic communication.


The three possible questions:- General: What can you tell me about it?- Positive Assumption: It doesn't have any problems, does it?- Negative Assumption: What problems does it have?The outcome variable is whether or not the participant discloses or hidesthe problem with the iPod.

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